Past Talks

These happen from time to time when we can manage to overcome apathy (which is rare!). Here are the slides from past talks:

Basic Linux Networking by Ron (Jan 2002):
Slides, PDF
RAID by Ron (Feb 2002):
Slides, PDF
Firewalls/VPNs by Ron (Oct 2003):
Slides, PDF.
The semantic web by Aq (31st Aug 2005):
VoIP / Asterisk by Ron (14th Sep 2005):
Slides, PDF,
Why 3D Scanners are Bad by Spline (28th Sep 2005):
Intro to Nagios by James (17th Jan 2007)
Lightweight AJAX with OpenThought by JJ, 6 Jun 2007)
(of Birmingham Perlmongers) Slides
Selenium - An Introduction To Web Testing by Barbie, 6 Jun 2007
(of Birmingham Perlmongers)
What on earth is IPMI by Adam (21 Nov 2007)
Slides , pdf
Setting up a Home Server - Part 1 By Ron (18 June 2008) Slides + Notes
Setting up a Home Server - Part 2 By Ron Slides
Setting up a Home Server - Part 3 By Ron Slides
An Introduction to IPv6 by Ron (11 Feb 2009) Slides
DNS & Bind by Chris Ellis (29 Jul 2009) Slides, PDF

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