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Other Related Groups

http://sb.lug.org.uk - South Birmingham LUG
http://www.phpwm.org - West Midlands PHP User Group
http://www.railswm.org - West Midlands Rails User Group
http://www.shropshire.lug.org.uk - Shropshire LUG
http://birmingham.pm.org - Birmingham Perl Mongers
http://coventry.lug.org.uk - Coventry LUG

Third-party links
http://www.tdtrs.co.uk - The Dick Turpin Road Show, a not always serious look at Linux and Open Source
http://linux.org.mt/article/ttfonts - Setting up/installing TrueType fonts for various distros
http://www.bytebot.net/geekdocs/spatial-nautilus.html - Using the "spatial" Nautilus without it doing your head in
http://www.lwn.net - News, Articles etc
http://www.linuxuser.co.uk - Linux User and Developer Magazine - available in most news agents (E.g. WHSmiths/Waterstones/Borders etc)

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