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Ancient Hacker, reputed to have taught Charles Babbage how to build a computer.
Radio Amateur, call sign M0RNW

Currently: openSUSE, CentOS
In the past:
Fedora, Ubuntu, LinuxMint, Gentoo, SuSE, Debian, Mandrake, RedHat, Slackware (even played with Yggdrasil Linux)

I started computerising with a BBC Model B before the days of DOS or Linux. I went to a local computer club and became quite proficient with it, writing a database program which directly accessed a 5 1/4" floppy disk for storage for my computer studies project at school.

I had various machines spanning 286 to AMD 2100+ using that other operating system and began using Linux in a shell when I went though a phase with IRC. Computers have always been a part of my life in one form or another.

I installed my first Linux system with Slackware 10 on a 386 in 2004. It was recommended to me as a good way to learn Linux. I used it as a basic web server and ran several Eggdrop IRC bots from it and thats about all.
I wanted to try a Linux desktop so installed Fedora Core 4 next which struggled to run KDE on the low end system but gave me a chance to get used to how things worked. A friend donated an old P2 system which I upgraded to a P3 as far as it would go and put FC4 on, it was quite happy on there which gave me a good chance to play although it was still on a secondary pc.
In 2005 I became self employed selling office equipment online using a variety of website setups but mostly zen-cart. I moved to Linux alone in 2007 when a new machine came along and put Mandriva onto everything and haven't looked back since.

We're now at the stage where my other half plays his Football Manager 2005 on his laptop via RDP in an XP VM using VirtualBox on the big desktop upstairs which he starts remotely. Everything is networked with sshfs which I find works better than Samba and easier than NFS. Next adventure is going to be 64 bit.

Sadly I had to close my business in January 09 and am currently at a bit of a loose end.

I use ubuntu 9.04 most of the time on my machine. Moved away from Windows this year 2010 and use XP every so often to convert audible books.
Mum computer is now running 9.10 quite smoothly.

I am from redditch and disabled.I now another car (katie fiesta was scrapped Nov 2009) Still getting to lots of LUG meetings in the west mid area.

I was a computer programmer from 1993-1996/7, health was a bigger issue at next employer etc. My skills are quite old and specialist(AutoCAD LISP & ARX) now and not done any programming for over 10 years.

ubuntu 9.04/9.10.Windows XP.

Well, I'm the grand old age of 51, this despite one or two attempts by fate to curtail my existence prematurely... 90mph straight into the back of a Bank's brewer wagon? :)

I'm married, have three kids and nobody else in the household uses Linux :( much to my great regret and despite much badgering to change this. One day maybe.

I've personally been using Linux since about the middle or late 1996. I was introduced to Microsoft OS's in 1992 and didn't know anything else until I started work at Wolves Uni in '96. Here I discovered Unix and later Linux. Over the years I have tried many different distro's from such as Corel Linux, Storm Linux, early Red Hat distro's (which never worked for me) to the present day with Linux Mint 15 & 16 plus an ancient project machine running Fedora 19 (possibly 20 if it upgrades properly). Despite my many years I have never got to grips with the cli (command line interface). I kept running back to the gui (graphical user interface)... blame Windows, I do ;) Now I'm making an effort to change that and am diving into the cli. Some of it is even registering..

Oh, one last thing for now. You probably will not see me at a LUG meeting. I don't do crowds very well. Undiagnosed functional autism that would seem to be getting worse as I get older. Just something else to add to my list of ailments :D (yes, I like to overuse emoticons too).

Linux Mint 15 & 16
Fedora 19 (possibly 20)
Lucid Puppy on a CF drive (rarely though)

I've been working too long in IT! Recent jobs were Systems Analyst and Contract Business/ Systems Analyst. Redundant since January: currently job hunting. Not an expert Linux person, but have managed to install/configure osCommerce, LedgerSMB, Adempiere.

Ubuntu Jaunt.
Ubuntu Netbook Remix Jaunty

Adam Sweet is a faded musician who now prefers Linux to people. Studied BSc Computer Science at the University of Wolverhampton and now works as a Linux sysadmin and consultant for an Open Source support, training and consultancy company.

Went by the somewhat dismal IRC nickname of drinky for historical reasons, but more recently prefers the less crap, though less imaginative nick of adamsweet. Was an avid follower of LugRadio until he became one of the presenters in mid 2007.

Likes Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, guitars, music (particularly The Clash), nice food and good films. He used to really like beer but it really didn't like him much the day afterwards so now he is miserable.

Linux user since the early days (1994). I've used mostly package-based distro's - Red Hat/Fedora/Mandrake, Debian/Ubuntu/Mint. Currently running CrunchBang/Statler on my work laptop, SnowLinux on my own laptop, and Debian Squeeze on most of my servers. I also run a few ProxMoxVE virtual hosts. My kids (age 9mo 12yr) and my wife use Ubuntu. I look after lots of Linux servers in a managed hosting environment, including web-servers, databases, mail servers, Request Tracker, Nagios, Alfresco CMS. I also run my wife's python-based website (coded by me) on a KVM VM -

Applications I'm familiar with: Apache, Nginx, Varnish-cache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DRBD/Heartbeat, Python, Perl, PHP, Rsync, BASH/shell Scripting, sed, Sendmail, Postfix, Request Tracker, Nagios/Check-MK/PNP4Nagios...

Debian Squeeze and Lenny
CentOS 4.x, 5.x (Servers)
Ubuntu 8.04 ... 9.04 (Desk/Lap tops and one or two servers)
Fedora Core 3 ...10 (Servers)
Slackware 12 (Servers)
RHEL 3, RedHat Advanced Server (i.e. RH9++) (Servers)

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Now a second year Computer Science student at Aberystwyth University.

Current: Ubuntu 11.10, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
Past: Ubuntu 9.04-7.10, Kubuntu 7.10-6.06 LTS, Mandriva 2006

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Hello tis I davmor2 (just to upset the sweet) :)

I work for myself mostly contracted to Canonical the backers of Ubuntu.

I work damned hard testing that things work in each release (And Yes I do Proctor) and even then with a slightly different layout they don't :( On the whole I really enjoy my work, mostly upsetting the developers when I find something else wrong :D

Suse 6.3 fell out with that really quick
Corel Linux got on better with that.
Knoppix was the first really well used linux
Fedora Core attached to Linux For Dummies was the first lengthy installed system
Fedora 2 for about a week
Ubuntu then back to fedora
Gentoo next for about a month learnt some bits and pieces there
Back to Ubuntu and there I stayed I test other distros from time to time but always wind up back at Ubuntu (mostly cause I shut down the vm :) )

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Social entrepreneur currently working on:
0. SysAdmin to Gaia University (Mexico, USA, Chile, Germany, Israel, Nepal);
1. Cloud computing services for voluntary groups;
2. Credit Union software;
3. Social Media consultancy for local charities;
4. Websites (mostly Drupal- & WordPress-based) for community groups;
5. Developing follow-up to "Small Steps to Sustainability" workshops on technology & sustainability, which were held Spring 2009, at Liverpool's FACT Gallery;
6. Hackspace NW - hackerspaces for Liverpool/Manchester/Stockport;
7. Workshops on Effectiveness & Productivity;
8. Investigating a new refurbishment & training project;
9. Developing an online series of HOWTO articles for new users of Free Software (especially NetBook users);
10. Growing food on my allotment, & blogging about ethnobotany & permaculture.
In my spare time I drive the kids around the county, whilst loudly rehearsing choral music :-)

Debian, Ubuntu, variations on Debian or Ubuntu...

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Chris is currently working for the national human maintenance and repair service (NHS) as an IT support engineer.

He’s been a Linux user since 2006, starting out with Mepis (Oh the challenge of wireless cards/drivers), and now using Ubuntu on the desktop and server and loving it.

In his spare time he tinkers with Python whenever an itch needs scratching!

Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS
Ubuntu 8.10
Ubuntu 9.04


Have been a member since Jan 09 and currently contracting for a Telecoms company. Was working in the financial services industry for a number of years in a non IT related occupation, before finally making a move into a considerably more interesting line of work. Still a Linux newbie and enjoying the many challenges of a slow but worthwhile migration

Ubuntu 9.04

Chris "chrisp" Procter is a sysadmin who with classic good timing got an MSc in Telecoms the year before the telecoms crash and joined the financial industry three weeks before the credit crunch bit.

He thinks storage is interesting, X-windows exists only to run web browsers and multiple terminal windows, and ubuntu will be quite good when its finished.

He uses Fedora/Centos/Redhat and Debian once in a while and is learning to hate HP-UX.

I'm a Linux and Windows user highly interested in Networks, security and system hardware. I try and show up to meetings, most of the time I'm usually only at the Lincoln House meets.

Ubuntu Since around Dapper
muLinux - On an old, old micro laptop
CentOS since around version 3ish

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I'll add something soon, I promise Ron.

Mandriva - My main distribution, used on a variety of machines: desktop, laptop, netbook, server.
Suse - A distro I have used from time to time but don't like that much
Ubuntu - Used when and only when someone insists I must

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dick_turpin's real name is Peter Cannon a pretty straight forward individual with some strong opinions who loves playing devils advocate.

Currently working as a Sales/Marketing Manager for an IT Solutions provider. Has used Linux since the heady days of "RTFMP" which is a long time ago now.

While never professing to be an expert with OpenSource there's not many applications that have not had the dick_turpin eye cast over them.

Areas of interest are;
CRM (Customer Relation Management)such as SugarCRM etc.
CMS (Content Management System)such as Joomla, Drupal etc.
PIM (Personal Information Management) address books etc.

"Why dick_turpin? you a thief or something?"

My lack of knowledge is absolutely outstanding! Fiddled with pc's (ms and Red Hat 7 - I think!?) during my days as a mechanical engineer and contract engineer. Dived into computing in 2005 after being made redundant. Currently running own business supporting schools and SME's in the midlands. Tuned into open source after developing a Joomla site for a school. Undergone a steep learning curve with all things Linux and just love Open Source community spirit. Keep up the good work wolves lug :-)

P.S. Never managed to get RH 7 running properly!!

Clark Connect 4.2, 4.3.
Debian etch and Lenny
Easy Peasey (Ubuntu Net Book Remix)

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David is mostly responsible for Pale Purple - a web application development company in Bromsgrove.

When not working, he spends most of his time chasing his toddler - Rowan, around.

He used to live in Walsall, and Wolves LUG was his 'regular'; since moving to Bromsgrove 2 years ago, he sometimes runs RnB LUG meetings, and occassionally visits Wolves LUG to try and catch up.

When he gets free time, David enjoys cycling and running.

He can be found on IRC as 'GingerDog' (

Slackware (until ~ 2007)

Primary focus - Debian/Ubuntu; others are just occassional forays due to work etc.