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(Mostly) harmless

Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS

Have been using Linux for about 5 years. I like to try different distros but have now settled for Ubuntu. I like to convert others :-) to using Linux but sometimes its a hard sell against you know who. I look forward to the day when Linux is more widely used in public sector organisations.

leep has worked in the IT industry since 1997. He has graduated from Wolverhampton University and the University of Sussex. In his spare time he rides a mountain bike around Cannock Chase (and other places too) or is offroading in a Land Rover.

leep has been around Linux since 93, in one form or another. He also uses other OS'es but we won't go into that here :)

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Andrew is a computer scientist, author, lecturer and freelance journalist with a strong interest in 3D scanning and computation. Andrew is currently conducting research in archaeometrics at the University of Wolverhampton, where he continues to advocate the use of linux and open source technology.

Ubuntu, Debian

Simon Burke, is a avid cyclist and Linux hobbyist. Having turned down his uni offers to focus on other things (and regretting them later), being Microsoft *Groan* and Cisco Certified, he is currently a IT Technician for a High Availability Clustering Company.

Started using Linux with good old Dead Rat (aka Red Hat) version 5.1 before realizing how bad it was and moved to a mix of Slackware and Mandrake. Since then has switched over to AS400 and HPUX, to FreeBSD and then settled with Debian (with the mandatory trials of new interesting distros).

I am currently playing mainly with Zimbra, LinuxHA, and riding bikes down the side of large hills and/or mountains with varying degrees of success (I still owe West Sussex Hospital a pair of crutches).

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