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I started computerising with a BBC Model B before the days of DOS or Linux. I went to a local computer club and became quite proficient with it, writing a database program which directly accessed a 5 1/4" floppy disk for storage for my computer studies project at school.

I had various machines spanning 286 to AMD 2100+ using that other operating system and began using Linux in a shell when I went though a phase with IRC. Computers have always been a part of my life in one form or another.

I installed my first Linux system with Slackware 10 on a 386 in 2004. It was recommended to me as a good way to learn Linux. I used it as a basic web server and ran several Eggdrop IRC bots from it and thats about all.
I wanted to try a Linux desktop so installed Fedora Core 4 next which struggled to run KDE on the low end system but gave me a chance to get used to how things worked. A friend donated an old P2 system which I upgraded to a P3 as far as it would go and put FC4 on, it was quite happy on there which gave me a good chance to play although it was still on a secondary pc.
In 2005 I became self employed selling office equipment online using a variety of website setups but mostly zen-cart. I moved to Linux alone in 2007 when a new machine came along and put Mandriva onto everything and haven't looked back since.

We're now at the stage where my other half plays his Football Manager 2005 on his laptop via RDP in an XP VM using VirtualBox on the big desktop upstairs which he starts remotely. Everything is networked with sshfs which I find works better than Samba and easier than NFS. Next adventure is going to be 64 bit.

Sadly I had to close my business in January 09 and am currently at a bit of a loose end.

Distributions used

Currently: Mandriva Fedora Ubuntu Server LTS


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