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Hello tis I davmor2 (just to upset the sweet) :)

I work for myself mostly contracted to Canonical the backers of Ubuntu.

I work damned hard testing that things work in each release (And Yes I do Proctor) and even then with a slightly different layout they don't :( On the whole I really enjoy my work, mostly upsetting the developers when I find something else wrong :D

Distributions used

Suse 6.3 fell out with that really quick
Corel Linux got on better with that.
Knoppix was the first really well used linux
Fedora Core attached to Linux For Dummies was the first lengthy installed system
Fedora 2 for about a week
Ubuntu then back to fedora
Gentoo next for about a month learnt some bits and pieces there
Back to Ubuntu and there I stayed I test other distros from time to time but always wind up back at Ubuntu (mostly cause I shut down the vm :) )

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